Tuesday, December 20

A Statue

Sometimes we find something very curious, unexpectedly. Today I found an old bronze statue in the shrine when I visited there. That was an bronze statue for an Japanese aviator.

Toyotaro Yamagata was born in Hiroshima and graduated from the college for aviation at the top of the class. And he became the first civilian pilot who succeeded to do somersault by plane in Japan. That was in 1919. After he got fame for his marvelous flying skill, but unfortunately he died by the flying accident for breaking apart of his plane during that somersault.

Wright brothers had succeeded to fly by their Wright Flyer at the first time for human being in 1903. They flied for 260 meters, 59 seconds in the sky. Its average speed was only 16 km/h. The somersault by those wooden made plane might be more dangerous than that space flight today. As you can see in these pictures, those planes look so fragile to do that stunt flying.

The statue for an aviator who had being alive and died for flying about 100 years ago...

Tuesday, December 6

Early Winter

It's a fine day but 12 degrees with slight wind is bit chilly for bike strolling. I stopped by at my one of favorite point. 
It looks chilly for fishing but I could see some numbers of people enjoying it there. But they looked dreary under this condition...